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Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

I am Lars... The "Lars" part of Lars Meyer Strategic Design.

Over that last three decades, my work has focused on design, communications, and teaching through all kinds of traditional and interactive media. Throughout this time I have gained extensive experience in executive leadership, creative management, communication, project development, while still being lucky enough to spend time in the trenches of design and production.

I have a highly creative approach to design problem-solving. I understand complex situations quickly and to break them down into meaningful communicable ideas. My ability to establish rapport with all stakeholders means that I can share insight with leaders and engage teams around a shared vision and core values to produce exceptional results.



You will notice that the copy on this website often uses the word "we" — plural, as opposed to singular. That is because "no project happens in a vacuum". Depending on how you look at it every project is a collaboration. My collaborative team begins with my clients and their staff, it also includes my own trusted advisors, mentors, and subcontractors. I have the benefit of being able to call on experienced colleagues for their knowledge and criticism. No one succeeds alone — and the best ideas are those that grow through relationship and conversation.