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MADOTA: "The Two of Us" Matchmaking

Matchmaking is enjoying a renaissance. In a world of limited time and busy schedules, people are finding that they are more and more socially isolated. Meeting someone outside of their immediate social circles and work is more difficult. For those who are disenchanted with online dating, modern matchmakers have stepped in to fill the gap, providing a valuable personal service.

We were engaged by the owner of MADOTA as the company was setting-up. Initially, we were hired for branding and website design. The scope quickly expanded to include lead generation and autoresponders that connected to a sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. As we understood more about the business we saw opportunities to integrate more automation; questionnaires, appointment scheduling, document submission, eCommerce and payment processing, CRM telephony.

As MADOTA got off the ground we wrote sales copy, presentations, video scripts, and talks. We designed sales collateral for print, and online banner ads and Facebook advertising.

MADOTA has targeted an interesting niche market to provide their services to. We wish them all the best.

Burlingame, California.

  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand consulting
  • Website design
  • Sales Automation and CRM
  • Copywriting
  • Ad Design
  • Video editing
  • Business Collateral design

Integrating Old Fashioned Service and High Tech

For a Matchmaker, generating leads is crucial. The business relies on being able to connect with and engage a large social network. Our plan from the beginning was to enable a largely automated lead generation and qualifying process. We set up a series of autoresponders and forms that fed the data into the matchmaker database.

As the prospect went through the different steps, our scripts built trust and reassurance. The goal was to empower the matchmaker with as much information to review before connecting on a scheduled phone interview.

Madota site plan