BD FACS Duet Road Show

About the project

A project while at TBA Digital to create presentation media and a large touch screen interactive for the launch of a network connected, automated sample preparation and cell analysis system.

Client location:

San Jose, California

BD is a multinational technology company that manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems, and reagents. The project involved interpreting a large amount of technical information and being able to explain all the features and benefits of the new system, including workflow from sample to results, software management, integrations with Laboratory Informations Systems (LIS), and remote research and diagnostic collaboration and support.

The TBA team flew to the BD facility in San Jose to be shown the two devices in person. Subsequently, working with representatives from several functional areas at BD to gather information for every aspect of the equipment. The deliverables from the team were :

  1. 50″ touchscreen Interactive application
  2. Product launch “Roadshow” presentation with 3D animation process walk-through.

We created 3D models of the two devices that were imported into Unity, a game engine, to create an interactive simulation to explore the exterior and interior components of the devices. I was responsible for the information design, content writing and infographics. 

50″ touchscreen Interactive application

Video captures of a beta version of the software being tested in TBA’s Vancouver studio.

Product launch “Roadshow” presentation

We worked with the BD team to create presentation media for a “Global Roadshow” to introduce the new equipment. My colleagues and I suggested a sequence of events and camera angles to highlight the breakthrough technology. My role was also to develop the narrative with the BD point of contact.

The video below shows a few of the animations that we embedded in the presentation with label overlays as needed.

Big ideas

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