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Foxboro Brewing

We were lucky to be involved in the branding of Foxboro from the very early stages. We were hired to name and brand the entire product line.

The brewery is unique in that it has developed a new category of beverage. It is most easily described as beer concentrate — a fortified flovour essence brewed using traditional beer brewing techniques and ingredients, that are mixed with cold carbonated water by the consumer. A modern take on timeless tradition.

It can be challenging to navigate the arcane regulatory labyrinth to bring an alcoholic beverage to market at the best of times… Foxboro faced more challenges than most, as none of the regulating bodies really knew what to make of this category-defying hybrid. At every turn, the branding was impacted and revised.

Foxboro Brewing Company
Marlton, New Jersey.

  • Brand consulting
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Product packaging design
  • Website design
  • Business Collateral design

Foxboro Dockside ID

Foxboro Heritage ID

Foxboro Iron Horse ID

Foxboro Western ID

Foxboro Dockside 24 pack box

Foxboro Heritage 24 pack box

Foxboro Iron Horse 24 pack box

Foxboro Western 24 pack box

Foxboro ID on cracked leather

Foxboro Western 4-pack box design

Foxboro Western snap pack foil

Foxboro Westernv750-ml bottle