St. Marks and Corpus Christi Colleges

About the project

Following a brand usage audit, the colleges hired me to rebrand both colleges. It was super interesting working alongside the College President to align the symbology of every detail in the design.

Client location:

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Following the development of the brand identity, we developed a complete set of business collateral, everything from business cards to letterhead and envelopes in a range of sizes.

The central logo was adapted into dozens of applications for both colleges.

The original logo of the two colleges was based on the sculpture of St. Mark and the Lion on the exterior south wall of St. Mark’s College. The winged lion is the symbol of the evangelist St. Mark. Working with the President and the Board Directors of the College, we worked through several iterations ranging from more traditional heraldic designs to the contemporary look of the final image. The video shows some of this development.


About a year after the project has completed the principal of St. Mark’s College and the President of Corpus Christi of St. Mark’s College, Mark Hagemoen was appointed as the bishop of the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith. Father Mark contacted me following his appointment to work on his coat of arms. And then subsequently an update to the coat of arms when he was appointed Bishop of Saskatoon.

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