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Your brand is always in play.

Your brand is not your logo. Your brand (the thing that gives your company brand value) is your customers’ emotional connection to your products, services and, by extension, your company.

A deeper dive into brands

Say brand and most people think of a logo or the markings associated with a product. Beyond that, a company’s “brand identity” is understood as the collection of identifying components, such as the business name, design styles, images, slogan, vision, writing style, a particular font or symbol, and so on. You can think of the brand identity as the non-product or service things which separate you from your competitors.


But the idea of “Brand” is more profound than that. In 2021, Coca-Cola’s brand value was 87.6 billion US dollars. Obviously, this is not the value of all the knick-knacks and signs emblazoned with the Coke logo. Clearly, a brand’s valuation is related to something else.


A brand valuation is the financial expression of the worth of the feelings that people have about the company, service or product. These feelings are shaped by all points of contact with things associated with the company, including what other people say about the company. All the time.

Brand Strategy

The Brand Strategy is a part of a company’s business plan. It is how the different brand elements, like voice, storytelling, brand identity, brand values, and overall vibe of the company, are coordinated to work together to shape the overall customer experience and how you appear in the marketplace. It is the plan for how your brand elements and marketing will influence people’s feelings about your company and drive demand for your products.

Branding is creating “who you are for others”

When we talk of branding as a verb, we are talking about all of the actions that we take to influence people’s feelings about your product or your company. Obviously, the product itself is critical, but so are the experiences that surround the product — design, packaging, colours, point of purchase, customer service, and so on.

When working with you to “do branding.” we consider all of these things.

Because “Awesome is Possible.”

Big ideas

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